the Jazz Gallery

Written by Barry Oosterwaal on .

the Jazz Gallery
926 East Center Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212
(414) 374-4722

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Taken from Bobby Tanzilo's Blog in "On Milwaukee"

The Jazz Gallery was long a Riverwest institution before it closed in the mid-'80s. Live records were made there, the likes of Bill Cosby came down after comedy gigs to sit in on the drums with Jimmy Smith there. It was, for many years, the place in town to see big name jazz musicians in Milwaukee. An August 1983 calendar showed no less than Art Blakey, Arturo Sandoval and Phil Woods on the schedule, alongside local notables like Manty Ellis, David Hazeltine and Brian Lynch. Now, the venue, at 926 E. Center St., is back, in collaboration with the Riverwest Artists Association.